Setting up for a Movie Screening


  • Movie Screen pieces

    • Vinyl Screen

    • 3 foldable metal

    • 6 large screws with black hands

  • Projector and power cord

  • Small foldable table

  • 3.5mm to 2 headed aux adapter cable

  • HDMI cable

  • Computer with HDMI out port

  • Google Chrome attachment (optional)

Set Up Procedure


  1. Unfold the largest metal frame

    1. You should hear the pink hinge buttons lock

    2. Push corner metal locks towards frame to lock in place

    3. Place frame on ground with the snap button fasteners facing upwards

  2. Connect the white vinyl screen to frame

    1. Lay the screen out on top of the unfolded frame with the white side up and black side touching the frame

    2. Start fastening the snap buttons

      1. Connect all 4 corners

      2. Begin connecting the rest of the buttons starting from the middle of each side and working your way to the corner

  3. Attach the legs to the frame

    1. Flip the whole frame upside down, revealing the holes to attach the legs

    2. Unfold the two remaining metal pieces until all pink hinge pieces lock into place

      1. One piece of the leg should seem to bend back on itself forming a triangle

      2. Leave the small piece with the corner leg lock tucked into itself for now

      3. Place the legs flush with shorter sides of the larger frame

        1. Triangle end on top towards the ceiling while the tucked leg touches the floor

        2. Line up the holes to match, leaving 3 holes above top of the frame

    3. Find the 6 large screws and connect the legs to the sides of the frame where the black threads are

    4. Add a screw to the section of leg that folds back on itself

  4. With a buddy, carefully lift the screen up and position it in the middle of the room

    1. Lock the small piece on each leg still flipped toward itself when happy with location

Projector Set Up

  1. Place the projector on folding table about 10ft in front of the screen

  2. Bring over a windup extension cord and plug the power cord into power source and other end into the projector

  3. Connect one HDMI cord unto the HDMI 1 plug (or plug the Chrome cast dongle into the HDMI 1 plug and the USB end into a USB spot on the projector if chrome casting)

  4. Plug the other end of the HDMI cord into the computer being used (ignore this step and begin chromecasting to "Big TV Studio" if using the dongle)

  5. Take the cover off of the lamp on the front of the projector and press the power button to power on

  6. Use the "keystone" button on the projector remote or physically move the projector and table to adjust image on the screen until it is centered, taking up most of the screen, and not tilted


  1. Turn on the audio switches in the fuse box

  2. Connect the single end of the audio jack to the "output audio" slot on the back of the projector and the double end to the "Line Left/Right" inputs on the amp

  3. With your phone or an LPM laptop, adjust audio levels

    1. Connect to the amp's control center

      1. Connect to wifi SPS-1 or SPS-2 with password "acoustics"

      2. Head to IP address

    2. Select the device you are using

    3. Once audio sliders appear, scroll right to find "Line Left/Right" and increase gain

    4. Play a video on the computer to test audio levels :)

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