Equipment & Equipment Rentals

Longmont Public Media has a variety of different equipment available for use. While we won't list all of the equipment we have (we recommend you come in and see for yourself!), please note that all equipment must stay within the facility unless you are renting the equipment.

Equipment must not leave the premises unless a rental order has been processed or you have been given permission by LPM staff.

Any equipment within the equipment room can be used throughout the facility, include the podcast room, editing room, livestreaming room, and audio production studio.

Reporting Broken/Damaged Equipment

Accidents happen. If you accidentally broke or damaged equipment, please let the LPM staff know immediately.

Alternatively, if you encounter broen or damaged equipment, please report it to the LPM staff immediately.

Equipment Rentals

Longmont Public Media allowed the general public and members to rent equipment for use outside the media makerspace premises.

To rent equipment please visit our website or via our Booqable shop.

Longmont Public Media does have policies regarding equipment rental. You can read the equipment policies here.

Please note: You will need to create an account when renting equipment from LPM. This account is not the same as your membership account. The two systems do not integrate with one another.

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