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Welcome to Longmont Public Media's wiki. This is the knowledge base of all things Longmont Public Media. The content of this website is contributed by staff and our members and is continually evolving.
Not a member yet? Please consider joining Longmont Public Media today! For information about membership benefits and how to join, please visit our membership page.
Note: This wiki is still in progress and information may be missing.
How to use this Wiki?
This space is designed to be read linearly, so start with our Vision, Mission & Focus and work down from there! We recommend reading everything through in one sitting and then revisiting and re-reading if you need to.
How to edit this Wiki?
Are you looking to help Longmont Public Media update information in this wiki? We'd love your help? Let us know by posting the #wiki slack channel or email the Executive Director so that we can send you an invite link.
Once you get the invite link and are in the system, you will see an button to make a 'change request' Once that is added you can start updating the wiki. Once done updating, please add a 'change request subject' located in the bottom of the page. Then submit the change to be reviewed.
LPM staff will then review your changes and either approve or deny your update.
Have more questions? Ask it in the #wiki channel or email the Staff!