Photography Shop

Located in the Editing Room

The photography shop is dedicated to the science and art of making images. Currently captained by Bob Rosinsky.

Shop Specifics

The printers are located in the Editing Room and are connected only to the Mac Mini.

The shop is equipped with an Epson P800 wide format printer. It's capable of making archival exhibition quality prints up to 17" X 22." In addtion to the Epson, there is a dedicated "snapshot" printer (HiTi P520L) that produces high quality 4" X 6" prints.

The photo editing workstation (i.e Mac Mini) is loaded with Adobe PhotoShop CC and features a color-calibrated sRGB monitor, so a picture displayed on the monitor matches closely with output from either printer.

Certification is required to have access to the HiTi dye sublimation printer and/or the Epson P800 printer.

Certification is not required for access to Photoshop.

However please observe the following.

1) Do not adjust settings on the monitor;

2) Do not store files on the PC;

3) Leave the ambient LED lights set to 6500K;

4) When finished, please ensure the room is tidy, lights are shut off, the door is closed.

Please visit the following link to schedule your orientation in order to use the photo printers:


Using the photography shop to print photos, etc., does cost money and as such we require that you donate depending on usage (ink and paper).

If bringing your own paper:

  • Epson

    • $2 per print

If not brining your own paper:

  • Epson

    • $4 per print

  • Hiti

    • 25 cents per print

Please donate here:

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