24/7 Access

Certain membership at LPM grant members with 24/7 access. This means a member can come in whenever they'd like to, including the weekends.

Primary rule of 24/7 access: Sleeping at LPM is prohibited and not allowed. Disciplinary action will occur if LPM catches a member sleeping at LPM.

Access & Open Path

To access LPM after hours, an access control panel is located outside the back door of the building. To open the door, you must use the Open Path app. A brief tutorial can be found below:

When entering LPM after hours, PLEASE make sure you lock the door behind you. The front door should always be locked after business hours and on weekends.


LPM highly recommends making a reservation for studios, etc., despite it being after hours. This guarantees that the studio is yours.

Leaving LPM after hours

If you are leaving LPM after hours, please refer to the shutdown procedure.

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