TV Studio

The Longmont Public Media (LPM) TV Studio is the largest studio at LPM and is designed to be completely flexible for your video, audio, or photography needs.

The TV Studio currently contains:

Equipment from the equipment room may be brought into the studio for your content needs. You may also bring in your own equipment and use it in the studio.

Please continue to see below for information on:


Here are some classes we recommend taking prior to using the TV Studio:

Studio Clean Up

Once you are done using the studio, please clean up and leave the studio in the condition you found it, or even better. A lot of people use the studio and it is imperative that you clean up after yourself. Failure to do so will make LPM staff and members unhappy. Repeated notices about cleaning up with result in disciplinary action.

Studio Reservations

The Studio is available for reservations via our reservation system. To make a reservation, please vist this link. If you need to learn how to make a reservation, please go here.

How to use the Lighting Grid Control System

LPM has a ADJ 24 channel lighting board in the studio.

The ADJ currently controls 8 lights that are connected via DMX.

Lights 1-3 are the front lights; Lights 5-8 are the back lights

Power button is on the back of the device.

How to use the Backdrop Vinyl Roller

LPM has a vinyl backdrop roller that you can use for photography, videos, interviews, and more.

It is somewhat tricky to roll down as the vinyl is heavier than you think. NOTE: do not use the chains to roll up/down the vinyl. It is too heavy and will result in the vinyl rolling down too fast and/or breaking the chain.

To roll down:

  1. Use the safety ladder and position it next to the

  2. take out the safety grip clip

  3. Slowly roll the vinyl down to your desire length

  4. Use the safety grip clip (as pictured below) to prevent the vinyl roll from continuing to roll down.

To Roll back up:

-Follow the instructions above, but in reverse :)

How to use the Audio Speakers

How to use the Audio Routing System

How to use the Video Routing System

LPM has a video routing system that lets you connect up to 3 (hardwired) cameras from the TV Studio to the Live Streaming room.

This is done via an SDI routing system that was in place prior to LPM being in the building.

We have 3 HDMI cables that you can connect cameras into. These camera's then show up in vMix as DeckLink Duo 2, 3, and 4.

How to set up the Projector and Movie Screen

How to turn on/off the LED lights

LPM has several globe LED lights in the studio you can use. Please watch the video to learn how to use it.

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