Outdoor Summer Concert Series Setup (in field set up)


  • All 3 4K Panasonic cameras

  • 3 SD cards

  • 3 Magnus tripods

  • 4 HDMI cables (one as an extra/back up)

  • One mini HDMI cable

  • 1 extension cord/box

  • 3 Camera Rain Jackets

  • ATEM mini Extreme with Power Cable & Computer USB Cable

  • Field Monitor & mini tripod HDMI

  • Charged GVM Battery for monitor

  • Behringer U-Phoria - Soundbox and USB Cable

  • TRS Cables (Red/ White cable)

  • Two mini Aux cables and 1/4 inch to regular AUX adapter for each.

  • vMix Laptop

  • Headphones

  • WiFi hotspot with USB-C cable (optional)

  • Hard Drive with USB-C cable (optional)

Set Up Procedure

Camera Set Up Procedure

  1. Place batteries and SD cards in 3 Panasonic 4K cameras

  2. Place cameras on tripods and place them in their respective spots

    1. One stays near tech tent

    2. One goes to the end of the shrubs to the right

    3. Last camera goes somewhere in the middle

  3. Plug HDMI cables in and route the other ends back to the tech tent

  4. Turn the cameras on press record before the show starts


  1. Place atem on the table and plug it into the power strip

  2. Plug HDMI cables into the first 3 input slots Make sure the camera closest to you is in slot 1 and the furthest from you is slot 3 to make it easier to switch later

  3. Grab another HDMI cable and plug one end into the ‘HDMI out’ port, plug the other end into a cam link, then the camlink into the computer you will use for vMix


  1. Plug ‘behringer’ in and place somewhere near soundboard

  2. Plug audio jacks from soundboard into the front of the ‘behringer’

  3. Plug behringer into computer via usb cord Connect audio to atem via ‘Main L’ & ‘Main R’ on begrunger and ‘mic 1’ & ‘mic 2’ on atem


  1. Set computer on table next to atem

  2. Open your vMix project file that contains your graphics

  3. Click ‘add input’ and find your camera and audio inputs

  4. Double check to make sure everything looks and sounds good

  5. Plug headphones into laptop and make sure sound is in sync If audio is out of sync hit ‘settings’ in top right corner of vMix

  6. Navigate to ‘audio’ tab

  7. Find ‘default input audio delay’ box

  8. Adjust by adding 500, 1000, etc. delays in box or -500, -1000 to speed up audio if it’s behind

  9. Make sure the graphic is live for the start of the show

Going Live

  1. If everything is set up correctly, Hit ‘Record’ on vMix Make sure you’ve set the recording destination to a drive on the computer that has enough space or to the external hard drive

  2. Hit ‘Stream’ (for FB, RTMP, YT, Vimeo, etc) on vMix

  3. Log onto Castr to verify feed is coming through Toggle on destinations 5-10 minutes before program start

  4. Hit ‘Go Live’ on LPM’s youtube stream

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