Controlling In Studio Grid Lights

Some lights hung on the grid are connected to a dimmer box that allows their intensity to be controlled by our "Scene Setter" dimming console. Lights connecting to this system as of November 2022 include the three lights behind the curtain track system, and the four "Encore" lights in a row set up in the middle of the grid.

To turn the lights on:

  1. Locate the dimming console on the table below the hanging XLR cables.

  2. Toggle on the power switch located on the back righthand side of the console

  3. Locate the flashing "Blackout" button and click it to enable the lights

    1. This button is automatically activated when you turn the console on as to not blind anyone if someone left the sliders all the way up

    2. There's no need to click this button when powering off, this button will automatically activate each time

  4. Slide the sliders up to increase the intensity of each light

    1. Sliders 1-3 at this time control the 3 backlights

    2. Sliders 5-8 at this time control the 4 front lights

To add more lights to the system, make sure the lights are DMX powered and plug them into a free DMX outlet on the dimmer box that hangs toward the front lefthand side of the grid.

Note: If all directions are followed and the lights are not turning on, check the electrical panel to the right of the studio doors to make sure that the front stage lights and dimmer stage lights are flipped on. These are currently labeled with gray tape and should remain flipped towards the middle of the panel.

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