LPM currently has three Full-HD Optical Zoom PTZ cameras that are powered via ethernet. The information below aims to explain how to set-up and use the cameras along with their controller.

Web Settings

To access the camera's web UI, open any major internet browser and type in the IP address: for camera one, for camera two, and for camera three. You'll be greeted with a login screen, the username and password are both "admin".

From here you'll be able to preview and control the camera in real time.

You'll also be given the ability to adjust a variety of settings such as:

Video Encode: Under Video Encode, you will have access to adjust the main and sub video parameters of the camera. These changes will also affect the quality of the stream.

Video Transmission Settings: Under Video Transmission, you will find the options to adjust the output of your streams.

Audio Encode: In the "audio encode" tab, audio can be turned on or off. You are also able to adjust the encode mode, samplerate, and bitrate. Generally, these settings should be left untouched.

Image adjust: In this menu, you can adjust the same parameters found from the OSD menu. All settings will save over the OSD settings.

Ethernet settings: In this menu, you can adjust ethernet settings of the camera. The current settings have been adjusted from default and should be generally left untouched.


To set up audio make sure the web settings are adjusted to the ones seen below. The camera does not come with a built-in microphone, but works with any 3.5mm connection. Simply plug any microphone with a 3.5 mm connection into the camera to receive audio.

AIDA CCU-IP Controller

The AIDA CCU-IP Controller allows you to move and program all cameras with a physical joystick and variety of buttons.

To set up the controller, plug in using the provided power supply.

After initializing, you can connect to a camera through serial or network.

It is important to note that the controller operates under the network attribute "DHCP" and does not have a static IP address.

Serial connection: Plug the PTZ camera in directly to the controller using the provided RS232 cable. Once connected, press SETUP and click "add serial device" using the joystick. Fill in the following settings with:

Camera: 1-3

Protocol: Visca

Address: 1

Baudrate: 9600

Press escape to exit to menu.

Network connection: Plug CCU-IP to the same router the camera is connected to. Press SETUP and go to "add network device". Fill in the following settings with:

Camera: 1-3

Protocol: Sony VISCA (UDP)

IP Add:

Port: 52381

Press enter and escape to exit to menu.

To create specific presets each camera, follow the instructions listed below:

Press CAM1-7 depending on which you intend to create a preset for.

After you are happy with the position of the camera, press "SET". The words "set preset" will show up at the bottom of the screen. Press the number you wish to configure with a preset and click enter. To delete a preset, hit reset -> number -> enter.

Video Tutorial:

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