LPM Wiki

LPM Policies

Longmont Public Media has a variety of policies and rules to protect our space and our community.

General Rules

  • If you get it out, clean it and put it back when you are done. Please make sure to always clean up after using a studio
  • If you break it or it breaks while you are using it, leave a note on it and notify the LPM Staff so it can be repaired
  • Longmont Public Media is open to the general public Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm.
  • Certain Longmont Public Media members have access to the space 24/7.
  • Some video equipment and studios require a certification (i.e drone) or orientation (i.e audio studio) before use.
  • The Executive Director is the only Longmont Public Media representative authorized to accept donations.
  • Artistic nudity or nudity of any kind is strictly prohibited at Longmont Public Media and will cause you to be permanently banned from the premises for life.

Financial Policy

  • The Board of Directors have determined that the financial goal of Longmont Public Media is to accumulate and maintain an emergency reserve fund with at least 3 months worth of running costs.
Have questions? Please email the LPM Executive Director.