Audio Production Studio

Longmont Public Media’s Audio Production Studio includes professional audio equipment for all of your audio mixing, recording, and music production needs. The control room is acoustically treated and has calibrated studio monitors for accurate audio mixing work, and there is an iso booth for overdubs or voiceover work. The studio also has connections to the Big TV studio (upstairs) to enable larger recording projects with a full band!

Studio Equipment Includes:

-Universal Audio Apollo x8p Thunderbolt 3 audio interface.

-Arturia KeyLab 61 MkII MIDI controller with a wide array of virtual instruments.

-Grace Design m108 8-channel mic preamp.

-Tannoy System 800A studio monitors with subwoofer.

-M1 Mac Mini running LUNA and REAPER (or users may bring their own laptop to work in their DAW of choice).

-16 analog mic lines from the Big TV studio (upstairs).

-2 analog sends to the Big TV Studio for a livestream audio mix or monitoring/talkback.

-Video monitoring from the Big TV Studio.


Members and the general public must sign up and attend a Audio Production Studio orientation prior to using the studio. Simply watching the video above does not suffice.

NOTE: please watch the youtube video above so you have a better understanding of the space.

To sign up for an orientation, please visit:

Audio Product Studio Reservations

The audio production studio is available for reservations via our reservation system. To make a reservation, please vist this link. If you need to learn how to make a reservation, please go here.

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