LPMx Radio Station

Longmont Public Media has a streaming online only radio station called LPMx.

Current Shop Captains: Anthony Maine & Melanie Graham

To listen to the radio station, please visit: www.longmontpublicmedia.org/radio

To email the shop captains, please contact: radio@longmontpublicmedia.org

Commercial Music Royalty Reporting

Commercial music can be played on LPMx using a noncommercial webcaster license as provided by SoundExchange. The license must be renewed each year (by 31 Jan) and current rates are $1000 for the license plus $0.002 for each total performance of an individual track above the allocated actual tuning hours (ATH) for the reporting period. A reporting period is a calendar month. The ATH quota is 159,140 ATH per month.

Reporting requirements

Managing LPMx using AzuraCast


Uploading music

Managing show schedule

Scheduling Live DJ shows

Creating and managing playlists

Generating reports

Conducting a Live Remote Broadcast

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