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Trivia Night Setup

How to Setup for Trivia Nights at LPM
To setup for a trivia night, start by reserving the the Big TV Studio. You will also need the following:
  • The movie screen
  • Projector
  • Folding table for projector
  • 4 fully charged iPads
  • 4 6' tables
  • 1 4' table
  • 1 microphone
  • 1 microphone stand
  • 1 microphone cord
  • 1 HDMI cord
  • 1 long aux cord going to the studio sound system
  • 2 laptops (or device that can access webpages, at least one that has an HDMI output)
  • The black curtains (if preferred)

Studio Setup

Notes: Two laptops/devices are needed because one will act as the "display laptop" this will be connected to projector to display to audience. The other device will have the answers to the questions on it as well as the screen to prep questions going out to the iPads which the audience cannot see.
  • Drape the black curtains across the back side of the studio.
  • Setup the movie screen in front of the curtain just like a movie night setup.
  • Setup the projector in front of the screen on the folding table.
  • Setup the 6' tables around the projector facing the screen, with as many chairs as desired at each table.
  • Place a fully charged iPad on each table.
  • Place the 4' table next to the screen facing the other tables with one chair behind it.
  • Place the two laptops on the 4' table.
  • Connect the HDMI cord from the display laptop to the projector.
  • Connect the aux cable to the display laptop or the projector.
  • Set the projector to HDMI and make sure display is correct on screen. Adjust as needed.
  • Setup the mic stand and mic next to the 4' table for the host.

Setting up Audio

Setting up the audio for Trivia Night is similar to most other events in the Big TV Studio. Watch the video to see how to setup audio for events and the list will give more specific instructions as well.
  • Connect the mic to input 1 (Shown in Setting up Audio video above).
  • Flip AUDIO switch on in Big TV Studio breaker box.
  • Goto the SPS-2 wifi network on one of the iPads or a smartphone. NOTE: If you use one of the iPads, be sure to switch the Wi-Fi network back to lpmadmin before the event.
  • Goto in web browser to access equalizer
  • Make sure gain, output, and aux are set correctly.

Quiz Setup

  • Goto sli.do and choose Login
  • Login as [email protected] with password $rgLr7ZbaYuYfQ8
  • Click the "Create Slido" button
  • Using the prompts, fill in the dates that you want the trivia to be available (usually just the night of the event) and what you want to name the quiz
  • Under "Create Polls" select "Open Text"
  • Turn off "Allow multiple answers" and turn on "Hide live results"
  • Add your question with the point value
  • Repeat the last two steps to create the first three questions
Note: The free version of Sli.do will only allow users to create three questions at a time, so the trivia host will have to add questions during the event.

Score Setup

If you have access to the Longmont Public Media Staff Drive then you can use the "Trivia Scores Template" document for Google Sheets. Otherwise you just need to create a spreadsheet with two sheets. One sheet has the list of questions and to put down the points each team can get for each question. And then another sheet has the total points for each team. This can be setup however it is easiest for the host to keep track of the scores and to show the group the scores.

During the Event

Using the display laptop/device, you can show video clips or the scores on the big screen during the event. You can also play music, which is useful while people answer questions or as people arrive for the event.


Please make sure tables, chairs, microphones, and devices (laptops and iPads) are all put away. Carefully fold the movie screen so that there are no wrinkles and return to bag. Frame for the movie screen needs to be folded up and rerturned to case.